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The Mind of Blaine v.2.0**

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I finally got my frontpage extensions installed for this site, so expect much more and more and more updating in the future.  I've been in sparse communication with an old high school artist friend, Adam Hoppus.  He is working for Target Corporation right now, doing design for their sporting goods department.  He is working with some other colleagues, trying to get a design/illustration company started.  You can see the coming soon site here.
Well, there's a couple gallery showings coming up at Iowa State University, so I gotta get my butt moving on getting some pieces prepared. Figure drawing is draining, especially the 3 hour studios. 5 hour naps are good though...

K, some design changes have been made, and I'm diggin' them. Some more help from my brother Bryan, and I think this site is looking quite nice. The Works in Progress window now randomizes images, so look for my Work in Progress pieces to show up there. WOW calls...

Alright! The website is just about up! The "finished works" and "sketches" links work, and the rest of the page should be completed in no time. I'd like to personally thank my older brother Bryan for all his help with the page layout, and Hamilton Cline for his php code within the image pages. Most of the images up on this page are fairly old. I haven't had much time to do any work outside of school, but once the summer comes, look out!"
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